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In the beauty industry, there are little avenues for a business mentorship program or class. We are here to help bridge that gap with our knowledge of business from over 25 years experience combined. 


Chase and Lyndsie bring their knowledge of starting small businesses to the beauty world to help you get your business up and running efficiently and legally. This Mentorship is based on an hourly rate, and you, as the mentee are able to bring the topics in which you struggle with to us in a sit down situation where you'll have our undivided attention. 


As mentors, we will share our knowledge of business management within the beauty realm, provide personalized insights, share industry trends, and offer practical advice (how to update a website/set up your booking system/basic branding or marketing concepts etc).


The mentorship extends beyond the hourly session, creating a supportive environment where mentees can seek guidance on entrepreneurial endeavors. By fostering this one-on-one connection, the beauty mentorship program equips mentees with a unique blend of technical expertise and industry know-how, enabling them to flourish in their beauty careers and make informed decisions that contribute to their professional success in the ever-evolving beauty landscape.


+ If you need more than an hour, you will need to purchase the correct quantity of hours needed. In our experience, getting started, most people need 1-2 hours to cover all content and get quality insight


After purchasing this option, we will reach out to you to set up your one-on-one mentorship! Please leave a valid email that you check often, as this is our best form of communication. 


Business Mentorship

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