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Taught by Lyndsie Coldwater

Laura O

I had the pleasure of hearing Lyndsie speak while I was touring Clary Sage Beauty College for esthetics, and then again as a student. She did a live demo for our school and both times I was so impressed with her knowledge and experience. I also happened to be her model during the training so I was able to experience first hand the product and service she offers. I loved the results so much that I knew it was something I would want to offer once I graduated. I took her in person class in 2020 shortly after I graduated and she made it super easy. It’s my favorite service, and all my clients love it. I cannot say enough great things about Lyndsie, and her training.

10/10 Recommend!

Carolina E

Lyndsie's classes were absolutely the best I’ve ever attended! Not only did she take the time to go over all the reading material but she explained every step clearly and reviewed anything that I might have needed a second look at! The hands on training was no surprise excellent, she was encouraging yet kind when I needed to make corrections. I couldn’t have picked a better trainer! I walked out of those classes with confidence in myself and the service I would be offer my clients, even now as a lash and brow artist offering these services she is still a cheerleader watching my development and improvements! Everyone needs a trainer like Lyndsie! 

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